A downloadable game for Windows

URBEX VR is an Oculus VR game in which you will have to climb your way up in buildings under construction.

Make it to the highest point taking advantage of the building equipment, such as scaffolds, pipes, iron beams, etc.

Inmerse yourself while exploring half-built rooms and concrete towers in the middle of a city.

Install instructions

Download, extract the folder, run the .exe after connecting your Oculus Rift and enjoy!


URBEXVR_1.0.rar 152 MB

Development log


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Got a few things that could be improved. First thing would be a way to turn off the ear piercing beep that happens with collectibles. It's one of two reasons I quit playing. The second is the horrendous walk speed. I got to level two. The one inside the building, and didn't feel like doing all of that walking again after a fall. Up the speed, or at least add a run button. And add an option to turn off the beeps. Will make this game wayyyy better. And they are very small things.